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Sandnes Garn

Sandnes Garn ALPAKKA

Sandnes Garn ALPAKKA

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Sandnes Garn today holds the position as the largest producer of hand knitting yarn in Northern Europe, one of the world’s most up-to date spinning mills – in one of the oldest factories still running.

ALPAKKA is a soft and comfortable yarn that is about three times warmer than ordinary wool and thus the most insulating yarn in our product range. The fiber is hollow and breathable, so it feels warm in cold temperatures and cool in warm ones. Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin.

Our alpaca is of Superfine quality, the term used for alpaca fiber between 25-26 microns (micrometers) and is one of the softest alpaca grades used for hand-knitting yarn.

Materials: 100% Alpaca

Weight: 50g, Yardage: 110m

Knitting Needles Size and Tension

Suggested Needles Size: 3.5mm

Knitting Tension: 22sts = 10cm

Care Instructions

Slip Slip Knit recommends that all wool garments to be handwashed in cold/luke warm water with detergent suitable for hand knits. Squeeze out excess water gently and absorb remaining moisture with a dry towel.

For machine wash, we recommend you to wash your wool garments separately in order to avoid felting. Put the wool garment on a gentle wool cycle; followed by a rinse cycle to remove excess water, if necessary.

Dry Flat and never hand on a washing line.

Wool Origin: Peru, Bolivia

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